These NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture workshops will allow an interdisciplinary group of teachers to enrich their knowledge of the Civil War by learning about ways that collective memories develop and circulate by studying the monuments and significant collections of objects and artifacts housed at cultural institutions throughout the Richmond, Virginia region.

Through the lectures, site visits, discussions, and interacting with primary source materials, teachers will come to understand the complexities of the collective memories of the Civil War, focusing on how collective memory tends to over simplify and present narrow versions of history. We will focus on how collective memories circulate and are represented through historic and artistic means.  Through the lesson plan that they will develop during this workshop, they will disseminate their knowledge to thousands of students. Further, through the collaborative map resource that they will construct throughout the workshop, they will have photos, videos, and text from the workshop sites to use with their students. As this will be an open source map, the teachers will be encouraged to have their students contribute to it as well. Thus, this resource will function as an ongoing documentation of learning as well as a resource for all the teachers.

These NEH Landmarks of American History and Culture workshops will be:

June 26-July 1, 2016
July 10-July 15, 2016

We encourage teachers of all subjects to apply for this workshop, but especially history and visual art teachers.